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 About the Artist

I am native to the Bay Area, born and raised in San Francisco, CA and later moved to Pacifica, CA. 

I have always been intrigued with photography growing up. Working at an offset printing company for a few years I had opportunities to do graphic design and photo retouching. I started to rekindle my passion by helping raise money for a cat rescue group by photographing Santa photo pictures with animals. I enjoyed the amazement that people would have as I managed to get the perfect picture of their pet. I was very fortunate when a friend passed on some older equipment to me, further inspiring me to do more. Since then I have been practicing and learning new techniques to improve my photography skills.  I love to hike and bring my camera along as often as I can. I have been making travel plans around potential photo shoots of nature and scenery and hope to do more of this. I am currently using a Canon Rebel T5 as well as other camera equipment.

My passion is to share with people the magic of the world around us. To get people to stop and look at the beauty that surrounds us; for them to take that moment to observe and appreciate what we take so easily for granted. With photography, I try to capture a brief fraction in time that will inspire a sense of happiness and content. I have always loved nature and traveling nd over time I want to share my experiences with others. Be it the smallest bug or an amazing scenery, I want people to be in awe by the work I do.

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Phone:  415-595-6242

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